John McGuire – Policy Platform

Pro-Business Reforms:

As a local small business owner for the last 18 years, John understands the obstacles holding businesses back in our area. John wants to help businesses grow, create jobs, and invest in our communities by cutting taxes and removing regulatory hurdles.


Public Safety:

As a former Navy SEAL and a father of five, John knows exactly what it takes to keep our homes and families safe. John will fight the online exploitation of children and fight the growing threat of gangs on our streets. John will work tirelessly to prevent substance abuse disorders and help those in recovery get back on their feet.


Health Care:

John wants to cut burdensome regulations presently stifling competition, inflating health care costs, and reducing access to health care providers - particularly in rural areas like Louisa and Goochland. John is committed to overhauling our current regulatory scheme because the people of the 56th district deserve better.


Supporting Law Enforcement in the Community:

As your Delegate, John will advocate for all first responders. Police, firefighters, and EMTs work tirelessly, and often thanklessly, to ensure our safety. We need to equip our public stewards with the tools and resources they need to keep us safe. Whether its equipment, training, or new hires, John wholeheartedly supports their efforts and will proudly stand with them to support their noble cause. 


Veterans' Appreciation:

As a former Navy SEAL, no one will fight harder for our veterans than John. The Commonwealth of Virginia currently taxes retired veterans’ retirement benefits while neighboring states like North Carolina do not. We are losing valuable and skilled members of our communities to North Carolina because of their favorable tax scheme. John believes in removing this tax to help our veterans thrive.